Direct Contract Cleaning Ltd offers a comprehensive carpet cleaning service for all aspects of carpet maintenance. These can range from removal of stains to full restorative deep cleans. We use a range of machines and cleaning products to carry out premium level cleans in Schools, Nightclubs, Office buildings, Hospitals and many more.


Our experienced carpet cleaning operatives are fully trained to ensure that the correct cleaning method is used for cleaning your carpet. We tend to use the Hot Water Extraction or Low Moisture Encapsulation method. Encapsulation method is typically used as a regular preventative clean for lightly soiled carpets, whereas Hot Water Extraction method is used for average to heavily soiled carpets. Direct Contract Cleaning Ltd would be more than happy to visit your facility, take a look at your carpets and determine the most effective methods and equipment to deliver our highest standard of cleaning for you.

Why use Direct Contract Cleaning Ltd as your commercial carpet cleaner?

We can help you present a positive image of your business. The appearance of your site impacts visitors’ first impressions so clean carpets show that you care about your workplace and employees.

Contributing to a healthier working environment. A clean environment boosts employee’s morale and pride in their workplace

Direct Contract Cleaning Ltd can help to extend the life of your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning will keep ground-in dirt from eroding the carpet fibres and leaving permanent stains.

Our carpet cleaners are fully trained, uniformed and insured to protect you and your premises as well as ourselves.

Bespoke carpet cleaning packages designed with individual client needs in mind.

Direct Contract Cleaning aim to deliver a high standard carpet cleaning service, at affordable prices with 100% customer satisfaction.